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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

As I mentioned in Copyright page I will tell you an interesting story on this page.

During my study I was really interested about doing all my assignments on-time.

One day one of our professors assigned for a research on this topic.

during the research I was searching online to gather all the information and put them together like a puzzle.

one day when I was searching the web I noticed this website, I spend a few hours on it and closed the page. Then a few months later I decided to visit this website again, then i noticed that this website is outdated :0)

I was little sad at the beginning. however when i disused it with a friend he told me that I can register it and become the owner. and I simply did it.

Isn’t it a great luck?

and Now another interesting story

when I finished gathering all the notes I noticed that I’m missing something, and that was the pictures to use and make everything pretty.

and then one another day when I started to gather some Pictures and avoid having copyright issues, I found a picture to be used for the logo and it was a good fit.

I clicked on the link of the picture then I was taken to a website belong to a plumbing company in Toronto, exactly where I live.

you for sure are surprised like how I was when I saw it.

The story became more interesting when I started to dig and find the relation between my topic and the Plumbing company.

Unfortunately I’m running out of time now and my Girlfriend waiting for me, I think I should leave it here before she gets mad.

I promise to write you about mysterious relation of the plumbing company and Music in another day. you know what I actually will make a whole new page and write about it, since I know that you all might be interested to know.