Angle Stops in Plumbing

Among the most important, but often overlooked, fixtures in your house are angle stops. A GUIDE PROVIDED TO YOU BY THEPIPEWRENCHERS PLUMBER TORONTO

Pipes and valves in plumbing

They’re everywhere, and you depend on them to perform their protective functions every day. They’re the valves that supply water to your toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, wet-bar sinks, and even your ice-maker.

These little gems go unnoticed until they malfunction, and then they can cause great messes that can cost many dollars to clean up.
The malfunction that causes the most problem for the homeowner is the frozen valve. The stem of the kitchen faucet has sprung a leak and is squirting a fine stream of hot water into the homeowner’s left eye. He reaches under the sink to turn off the angle stop, but the handle won’t turn. The valve is frozen open. He runs to the garage for a pair of channel locks, and while he’s looking through his disorderly tool kit that fine stream water is evolving into a geyser that’s power-washing the newly painted kitchen cupboards. Once back with his trusty tool in hand, he crawls under the sink (wrenching his back in the process), applies what he thinks is the right amount of pressure, and manages to snap off the handle. Now he has water spewing from two different places.

Our hapless homeowner rushes out to the front of his house to shut off the water supply. In his hurry to save his now-flooded kitchen from mildew and himself from a five-hour lecture from his wife, he slips on the wet floor and crashes into their new baker’s rack, spraining his left wrist trying to steady himself. Bucking up and bearing the pain, our homeowner finally reaches the gate valve that will shut off the main water supply and easily spins it closed. The tide has turned on his plumbing problem, and all that’s left is to clean up the mess and call in a professional to change out the faucet and angle stop.

The homeowner makes his way back into the house, intending to find an Ace bandage in the bathroom for his throbbing wrist, but as he passes the hall he notices that the carpet is sopping wet. He looks into the kitchen, only to find that both faucet and angle stop are still gushing water. Having no other choice, the beleaguered homeowner runs to the curb and lifts the concrete lid to the city’s shutoff valve, further hurting his injured wrist, and brushes away a blanket of spider webs to get to the shutoff valve and finally turn off the water.

Don’t be a beleaguered homeowner! All of our friend’s problems could have been avoided if he had performed some simple maintenance on the angle stops. A shot of penetrating oil around the valve stems and turning them on and off every few months would have avoided this messy mishap. And, of course, old valves with hard copper or chrome tubing should be replaced right away. Remember, an ounce of prevention is better than mildew and a sprained wrist.

Plumbing and the importance of it

Types and importance of plumbing

If you are ill and you need to see a doctor you will go to the best doctor in the townplumbing problem rather than taking a random medicine from a random shop. Same is the case with plumbers. If you have an issue in pipelines of your house you will go to a qualified and experienced Toronto plumbing service for that rather than hiring anyone. If you think that you can fix the leaks of your house by yourself then you are wrong. For every desired work you need an expert to do that job well. You can once fix the problem but sooner or later it will cause bigger problem and cost you much more money than it was initially.

Moreover, it is useful to know various types of plumbing problems. What cause them and how they can be prevented?

  • Bung up sink is the most common issue that every household faces. This is usually caused by residue of soap, hair, grease and other objects that blocks the drains. The main problem that is caused by this is water coming back from sink.
  • Tub problem is usually also caused by clogged drains. The main symptom is slowing down of water drainage.
  • Toilet issues are the worst problem faced these days. They start leaking. If they are not fixed then your water bill is going to increase. If you get this issue solved the main problem arises. When they are fixed they don’t seal properly. Which lead to leak valves and floats.
  • One of the parts is that your house needs repairs in faulty water lines. Plumber checks that the pipe lines are providing clean water or not. He installs the necessary updates if required for better performance. He can even install brand new lines as addition or as replacement to older once.
  • Continue dripping sinks or showers can lead you to higher bills. A Toronto plumbing service can only fix this problem and can reduce your water bills.
  • Plumber can use his knowledge to repair the sewers. If you own a house and have a sewer line. You still need to get it checked by the plumber and keep it properly maintained. Cleaning and repairing of undergoing sewage can easily be done without leaving any residue.

Many MNC’s require their sewage and drainage system to work properly. They need its cleaning several times a year. This helps their company to keep a proper and sanitary environment. You usually call the Toronto plumbing service when the pipes bust but to minimize the risk you can turn off the water supply. Plumbing repairs should not take much time for an office owner that is why they stay connected to a professional and expert plumber.

This will reduce the wastage of time and property.

You should get your drainage and sewage system checked by plumber several times a year. If you are not connected to an expert plumber you will waste a lot of time searching him. So I suggest you that you hire a well educated and expert plumber for your daily repairs. In the time of need and emergency you call easily solve the plumbing problems in your house/office.