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Title: Coon! coon! coon! : march and two-step
Composer: Friedman, Leo
Publisher: Sol Bloom
Date: 1901

Title: Coon! coon! coon!
Composer: Friedman, Leo
Publisher: Sol. Bloom
Date: 1900

Title: Zip Coon : a popular Negro song
Publisher: Firth & Hall
Date: 1834

Title: Coon Hollow capers : cake walk & two step
Composer: Gillis, Frank R.
Publisher: Hugo V. Schlam
Date: 1900

Title: The Spanish coon
Composer: Beam, Mark
Publisher: Sunday American
Date: 1904

Title: An English coon song
Composer: Englèander, Ludwig
Publisher: Edward Schuberth & Co.
Date: 1901

Title: That coon town rag
Composer: Siewert, Herm
Publisher: C.A. Ross Pub. Co.
Date: 1913

Title: The medicine man : a coon song
Composer: Williams, Bert
Publisher: Edward B. Marks
Date: c1920

Title: Sympathy : a coon plaint
Composer: Kendis, James
Publisher: J.H. Remick
Date: 1905

Title: Hush my little coon
Composer: Wheeler, J. W. (James W.)
Publisher: The Sunday World
Date: 1898

Title: A coon band contest or The tune that won the ham for that coon band
Composer: Pryor, Arthur
Publisher: Chicago American
Date: 1903, c1899

Title: All I wants is my black baby back : coon song & chorus
Composer: Edwards, Gus
Publisher: Howley, Haviland & Co.
Date: 1898

Title: A hot coon from Klondike
Composer: Metz, Theodore A.
Publisher: Metz Music Co.
Date: 1898

Title: Little Alabama coon
Composer: Starr, Hattie
Publisher: Willis Woodward & Co.
Date: 1893

Title: My dusky babe : a coon lullaby
Composer: Fehrmann, Max
Publisher: F.A. Mills
Date: 1900

Title: A red hot Esmeralda : coon song
Composer: Lampe, J. B. (Jens Bodewalt)
Publisher: Lampe Music Co.
Date: 1900

Title: You told me you had money in the bank : coon song and chorus
Composer: Mathews, J. Sherrie
Publisher: Rogers Bros. Music Pub. Co.
Date: 1899

Title: Every race has a flag but the coon
Composer: Heelan, Will A.
Publisher: Jos. W. Stern & Co.
Date: 1900

Title: Ma rainbow coon
Composer: Sloane, A. Baldwin (Alfred Baldwin)
Publisher: M. Witmark & Sons
Date: 1900

Title: The bull-frog and the coon
Composer: Nathan, Joseph S.
Publisher: Leo. Feist Inc.
Date: 1906

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