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Title: Rag-bag rag : (a rag-time galop)
Composer: Lincoln, Harry J.
Publisher: Vandersloot Music
Date: 1909

Title: Ragtime caveman of mine
Composer: Bailey, William
Publisher: James H. Howard
Date: 1922

Title: A Ragtime masquerade : cake walk and two step
Composer: Meahl, Philip J.
Publisher: John Allen
Date: 1900

Title: Rastus on parade : characteristic two-step march for piano
Composer: Mills, Kerry
Publisher: F.A. Mills
Date: 1895

Title: Razzle dazzle
Composer: Thompson, Willard
Publisher: Willis Woodward & Co.
Date: 1888

Title: A red hot Esmeralda : coon song
Composer: Lampe, J. B. (Jens Bodewalt)
Publisher: Lampe Music Co.
Date: 1900

Title: Returned : empty and so silent now the old cabin stands
Composer: Cook, Will Marion
Publisher: Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co., sole selling agents
Date: 1902

Title: The right church but the wrong pew
Composer: Smith, Chris
Publisher: Gotham Attucks Music Co
Date: 1908

Title: Ringtail blues : (a vocal adaptation of the famous instrumental)
Composer: Robinson, J. Russel
Publisher: Pace & Handy Music Co.
Date: 1918

Title: Rip Van Winkle was a lucky man : but Adam had him beat a mile
Composer: Smith, Chris
Publisher: Shapiro
Date: 1909

Title: Rock me in the cradle of love
Composer: Hill, J. Leubrie (John Leubrie)
Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
Date: 1914

Title: Rockin' in de win' : (a raccoon lullaby)
Composer: Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold)
Publisher: William Maxwell
Date: 1904

Title: Rosa Ginger
Publisher: Vanderbeek's
Date: 1849

Title: Rosa Lee
Publisher: S.W. Marsh
Date: 18XX

Title: Rosa Lee, or, Don't be foolish Joe : the favorite Negro song
Publisher: O. Ditson
Date: 1847

Title: Rufe Johnson's Harmony Band
Composer: Brooks, Shelton
Publisher: Maurice Abrahams Music Co.
Date: 1914

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