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First line/ Refrain: Near the old plantation, at the close of day (first line of text)
Title: Glory! Glory! or, The little octoroon : song & chorus
Composer: Root, George F. (George Frederick)
Publisher: Root & Cady
Date: 1866

First line/ Refrain: Nicodemus, the slave, was of African birth (first line of text)
Title: Wake Nicodemus : song and chorus
Composer: Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay)
Publisher: Wm. B. Bradbury
Date: 1864

First line/ Refrain: Niggah han' me back dat night key (first line of chorus)
Title: You once was excess baggage, now you'se only common freight
Composer: Sloane, A. Baldwin (Alfred Baldwin)
Publisher: M. Witmark & Sons
Date: 1899

First line/ Refrain: Niggah loves his possum sizzlin' in de pan (first line of chorus)
Title: Niggah loves his possum : deed he do, do, do
Composer: Dresser, Paul
Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
Date: 1905

First line/ Refrain: Night was dark and stormy, the rain was teeming down (first line of text)
Title: If you want to pick a fuss wait till the sun shines : (I ain't a goin' to leave home in the rain)
Composer: Hargreaves, William
Publisher: Shapiro Music Publisher
Date: 1907

First line/ Refrain: Night-time down in Dixieland, darkies strolling hand in hand (first line of chorus)
Title: When it's night time in Dixie Land
Composer: Berlin, Irving
Publisher: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.
Date: 1914

First line/ Refrain: No doubt you've heard of Sambo (first line of text)
Title: Sambo and Dinah
Composer: Cole, Bob
Publisher: Jos. W. Stern & Co.
Date: 1904

First line/ Refrain: No use for ter wait twell termorrer (first line of chorus)
Title: Uncle Remus' revival hymn
Composer: Hill, W. C.
Publisher: J. Church & Co.
Date: 1878

First line/ Refrain: Nobby, airy, light as a fairy (first line of chorus)
Title: The Skidmore guard
Composer: Carter, William
Publisher: Wm. A. Pond & Co.
Date: 1874

First line/ Refrain: Nobody knows when we're out upon a spree (first line of text)
Title: Razzle dazzle
Composer: Thompson, Willard
Publisher: Willis Woodward & Co.
Date: 1888

First line/ Refrain: Not lately no sir-ree (first line of refrain)
Title: Not lately : character song
Composer: Prince, Chas. A.
Publisher: Triangle Music Pub. Co.
Date: 1922

First line/ Refrain: Now 'tis the fad ev'ry dear little lad (first line of text)
Title: Satisfied : an emotional drag
Composer: Bennett, Theron C.
Publisher: Victor Kremer Co.
Date: 1904

First line/ Refrain: Now a stingy dingy coffee colored coon (first line of text)
Title: The man with the jingle
Composer: Mullen, Charles E.
Publisher: Will Rossiter
Date: 1905

First line/ Refrain: Now Ephram Johnson went and wed a gal of high degree (first line of text)
Title: It's up to you to move
Composer: Rogers, Ed
Publisher: Ed. Rogers Music Pub. Co.
Date: 1906

First line/ Refrain: Now honey, yo' stay in yo' own back yard (first line of chorus)
Title: Stay in your own backyard : pathetic ballad & refrain
Composer: Udall, Lyn
Publisher: M. Witmark & Sons
Date: 1899

First line/ Refrain: Now listen Dolly come over here (first line of text)
Title: You're some pretty doll
Composer: Williams, Clarence
Publisher: Shapiro & Bernstein
Date: 1917

First line/ Refrain: Now listen little children (first line of text)
Title: The bugaboo man
Composer: Nicol, J. E.
Publisher: N.Y. World
Date: 1900

First line/ Refrain: Now who's dat a knocking at this hour, it's shocking (first line of text)
Title: The right church but the wrong pew
Composer: Smith, Chris
Publisher: Gotham Attucks Music Co
Date: 1908

First line/ Refrain: Now, Parson Brown, one Sunday morn was giving good advice (first line of verse)
Title: O death where is thy sting
Composer: Stout, Clarence A.
Publisher: Pace & Handy Music Co.
Date: c1920

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