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Title: Jazzing the blues away
Composer: Heinrich, Dick
Publisher: A.J. Stasny
Date: 1918

Title: Jean
Composer: Brooks, Shelton
Publisher: Wasterson, Berlin & Snyder
Date: 1919

Title: Jefferson Brown
Composer: Voorheis, Gertrude
Publisher: Clark-Levy Co.
Date: 1917

Title: The jelly roll blues : the original jelly roll
Composer: Morton, Jelly Roll
Publisher: Will Rossiter
Date: 1915

Title: Jes' 'cause de moon was shinin'
Composer: Kerker, Gustave
Publisher: Sol Bloom
Date: 1902

Title: Ji-Ji-Boo : novelty song fox trot
Composer: Meyer, Joseph
Publisher: Fred Fisher
Date: 1922

Title: Jim crack corn, or, The blue tail fly
Publisher: F.D. Benteen
Date: 1846

Title: Jim Crow
Publisher: E. Riley
Date: 1829

Title: Julie
Composer: Schwartz, Jean
Publisher: Shapiro, Bernstein and Co.
Date: 1903

Title: Juney at the gate : a popular Ethiopian ballad
Composer: Bull, Ole
Publisher: Lee & Walker
Date: 1850

Title: Jungle moon
Composer: Wenrich, Percy
Publisher: Victor Kremer Co.
Date: 1909

Title: Jus' a listen : plantation song
Composer: Davison, B. M.
Publisher: White-Smith Music Pub., Co.
Date: 1894

Title: Just because she made dem goo-goo eyes
Composer: Cannon, Hughie L.
Publisher: Howley, Haviland & Co.
Date: 1900

Title: Just touch the harp gently, my pretty Louise
Composer: Blamphin, Charles
Publisher: Hopwood & Crew
Date: 1870

Title: Katy's cry : come and buy my hot corn, song and chorus
Composer: Woodbury, I. B. (Isaac Baker)
Publisher: Horace Waters
Date: 1853

Title: Kentucky babe : a plantation lullaby
Composer: Geibel, Adam
Publisher: White-Smith
Date: 1896

Title: Kentucky babe : song and chorus
Composer: Geibel, Adam
Publisher: White-Smith Music Pub. Co.
Date: 1896

Title: Kingdom coming : song and chorus
Composer: Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay)
Publisher: Root & Cady
Date: 1862

Title: Kiss me, honey, do
Composer: Stromberg, John
Publisher: Weber Fields & Stromberg
Date: 1898

Title: Kittie Wells : the only correct and authorized edition
Composer: Bishop, T. Brigham (Thomas Brigham)
Publisher: S.T. Gordon
Date: 1861

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