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Title: If you want to pick a fuss wait till the sun shines : (I ain't a goin' to leave home in the rain)
Composer: Hargreaves, William
Publisher: Shapiro Music Publisher
Date: 1907

Title: Coon! coon! coon! : march and two-step
Composer: Friedman, Leo
Publisher: Sol Bloom
Date: 1901

Title: Coon! coon! coon!
Composer: Friedman, Leo
Publisher: Sol. Bloom
Date: 1900

Title: Jes' 'cause de moon was shinin'
Composer: Kerker, Gustave
Publisher: Sol Bloom
Date: 1902

Title: A pork chop is the sweetest flower that grows
Composer: Browne, Raymond A.
Publisher: Sol Bloom
Date: 1903

Title: Let me down easy, or, The machinery man
Composer: Farrel, Tom
Publisher: Will Rossiter Publisher
Date: 1906

Title: Coontown jubilee : rag time cake walk, march and two step
Composer: Friedman, Leo
Publisher: Sol Bloom Publisher
Date: 1898

Title: Ev'rybody calls me Honey
Composer: Straight, Charley
Publisher: Forster Music Publisher Inc.
Date: 1919

Title: Mandy Lou
Composer: Allen, Thomas S.
Publisher: Daly Music Publisher
Date: 1911

Title: That home in paradise : love and home forever
Composer: Guy, Harry P.
Publisher: J. Piggott Music Publisher
Date: 1921

Title: Whistling Rufus : a characteristic march which can be used effectively as a two-step, polka or cake-walk
Composer: Mills, Kerry
Publisher: F.A. Mills, music publisher ...
Date: 1899

Title: Returned : empty and so silent now the old cabin stands
Composer: Cook, Will Marion
Publisher: Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co., sole selling agents
Date: 1902

Title: Eve cost Adam just one bone
Composer: Bayha, Charles Anthony
Publisher: Skidmore Music Co. : Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. [Sole selling agents]
Date: c1921

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