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Title: Tom and Eva : duet
Composer: Glover, Stephen
Publisher: C. Jefferys
Date: 18XX

Title: Ev'ry day gwine to be Sunday : end song and chorus
Composer: Rutledge, John T.
Publisher: W.C. Woodward
Date: 1879

Title: March black America : (a Negro oddity)
Composer: Zickel, Harry H.
Publisher: W.C. Broadwell
Date: 1895

Title: Belle of Koontucky : march and two-step
Composer: Zickel, Harry H.
Publisher: W. C. Broadwell
Date: 1897

Title: Alabama Joe : the original, as sung by the Guinea Minstrels
Publisher: C. H. Keith
Date: 1834

Title: Topsy : two-step
Composer: Erickson, Libbie
Publisher: W.C. Polla Co.
Date: 1903

Title: You'll never miss the water till the well runs dry
Composer: Erdman, Ernie
Publisher: C.M. Chapel & Co.
Date: 1905

Title: Mary Blane
Composer: Whitlock, William
Publisher: C.G. Christman
Date: 1846

Title: That coon town rag
Composer: Siewert, Herm
Publisher: C.A. Ross Pub. Co.
Date: 1913

Title: Oh! Susanna
Composer: Foster, Stephen Collins
Publisher: C. Holt Jr.
Date: 1848

Title: Cynthia Sue : as sung by Christy's Minstrels
Publisher: C. Holt, Jr.
Date: 1848

Title: Young folks from home : companion to "Old folks at home"
Composer: Griffiths, H. Craven
Publisher: S.C. Jollie
Date: 1852

Title: The Memphis blues : a Southern rag
Composer: Handy, W. C. (William Christopher)
Publisher: Theron C. Bennett Co.
Date: 1913

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