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A Creation about 20th Century was born around 1940 and was one of the first contributions of Blacks.

A performing art.

The Hackley Collection of music is more than 600 pieces.

The Collection is all about south America during the civil war.

On Project page, if you remember, I promised you to write about the Plumbing company located near where I live and Relation of them with my research.

It happened all when I was trying to search for none-privacy photos to use in my presentation for College.

I gathered a couple of photos, and one of them was shared on Facebook via a Plumbing company located in Downtown Toronto, exactly where I live.

So I started wondering about the relation between my research and The plumbing firm?

I went to their website and found their email address. Then I wrote them a polite email and explained to them what happened and why I’m writing them since this case could make my project more interesting and I could get higher marks in the class only if I could make the story a little more interesting.

After a couple of days, someone phoned me, his name was Marcus, and he was one of the downtown Branch managers.

We spoke about 10 to 15 minutes on the phone, and he explained to me that he studied Music when he was young. And he shared the photo on social media a couple of years ago.

We finished our conversation. And a couple of days later, my girlfriend flushed her makeup brush down into the toilet before going to work.

I tried to fish the brush out, but no luck 🙁

We did not use the toilet until later in the evening when we both came back from work.

I flushed the toilet a couple of times to see if I can push the brush farther into the drain, but it started to clog up and overflow.

what a nightmare

I followed some of these steps with no luck 🙁

The water started overflowing and I had to call a plumber.

I made a few phone calls to plumbers near to our location but it was after hours, and was difficult to get hold of technician.

and that was the time I noticed how difficult it is to find plumbing contractors who are open to emergency situations.

And when I was searching for plumbers then I noticed the google map is showing a company called Thepipewrenchers!! Oh my gosh, isn’t it the same company where Marcus was the Manager???

My girlfriend and I we both became happy, I phoned him directly using the cell phone number he gave it to me last time.

He picked up the phone, and I explained to him about the overflowing, clogged toilet.

A nice guy, he came to our place himself with an apprentice. And they showed up in less than an hour 🙂

My girlfriend and I were so happy to see them like we haven’t seen a human being for a while.

We sat together and had a cup of coffee while the apprentice was working to get the problem solved.

long story short.

He did not charge us for the service, and I got his permission to post about them on my blog.

My girlfriend and I decided to make the post on the first page, to return their favor by letting our visitors read about them as soon as they visit our page.

My girlfriend was insisting on posting about them on the top of the page, but I know that It will hurt my blog if the visitors see something not related to the blog as soon as they open the page.

I recommend their service, and I wrote about them on my Facebook and Twitter account as well. I left a link to their website at the beginning of this post in case you need a plumber or if you think you might need one in the future.

thank you for reading, and I hope you are not bored.

I was stressed and forgot to take a photo when our bathroom was flooded but this is a picture that I took just a couple of minutes ago.